Welcome to this personal website where amongst other things, I intend to include a description in words and pictures of my home town and surrounding area. Bacup is a small former mill town at the eastern end of the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire, situated on the edge of the Pennine Hills and close to the Yorkshire border.

My aim, within these pages is to provide some information about Bacup and other parts of the Rossendale Valley as they are today. It's an area of historical significance in terms of the Industrial Revolution, and although many of the older buildings have long since been demolished, there are enough left to give some idea of the Valley as it once was.

As time permits I want to incorporate more pictures of Rossendale as it exists in modern times. The selection so far includes some fairly nondescript locations which have been prompted by correspondents researching parts of the area from where their ancestors came.

Local history interests me a great deal, and various snippets of days gone by are here. However, others have recorded Rossendale's past far better than I could ever do, and wherever possible I have included links to some of these sites.

A hobby of mine for some years now has been the researching of our family history, although none of it actually relates to Rossendale. I do not intend to publish much family information here but some items of genealogy do appear, particularly relating to the Purdy surname.

Look for your PURDY ancestors in some of the detailed listings within.

One aspect of our family past concerns those who died during World War 1, and I have written about them in the 'Genealogy' section.

I am always pleased to hear from anyone researching similar subjects lines and will be happy to share information where appropriate. If there are any specific pictures you want including on the site, just let me know.